Meet Genecoin

Genecoin - Blockchain for Biodiversity enables the traceability of biodiversity products and virtual auditing of their supply chains, bringing transparency and confidence to companies about the source and sustainability of their inputs. Today our technology is already being implemented by Reservas Votorantim Ltda and Assessa Indústria, Comércio e Exportação Ltda.


By the end of 2017, a group of friends had a business idea and called it Genecoin. In January 2019, some of these friends founded Genecoin Desenvolvimento de Software Ltda. They made the original idea evolve until it became a biodiversity product tracking company. Many people have helped to break this path. Among the current partners, 3 have participated in that journey since 2017: Bárbara Schorchit, Bernardo Monteiro, and Mauro Rebelo. So we call them the founders.

Bárbara Schorchit (CEO)

Barbara is a chemical engineer who graduated at UFRJ. She is a finalist for the UN Young Champions of the Earth Award and an entrepreneur awarded by Draper University in Silicon Valley.

Bernardo Monteiro

Bernardo is a lawyer and biologist who graduated at UFRJ, specialized in civil law at PUC-Rio, is the founder of MTK Advogados and the Associação Civil DaPesquisa.

Mauro Rebelo

Mauro is a professor at UFRJ, Eisenhower Fellow, creator of Digital Forest and founder of Bio Bureau Biotecnologia Ltda.